The way that we hold the camera is important to minimise camera shake and therefore, to improve the property photographs that we take. Holding the camera like a pro is easy.

Let’s jump start into it.

Hold the camera with your left hand so that the weight of the camera is balanced in your hand without you having to hold it.

Property Photography

Next, wrap your left-hand fingers around the lens and your right hand around the right side of the camera, so that your forefinger rests on the shutter release button.

Property Photography

Now raise the camera so that your right eye is looking into the viewfinder. Keep your elbows tucked in tightly against your body. Make sure your feet are apart giving you a stable standing position.

Property Photography

It may feel weird at first, especially if you have already gotten into a habit of holding the camera a different way. However, if you persevere you may find that you get better shots with less camera shake.

Now take some photographs. When you are taking a photograph, try half pressing the shutter release button before fully pressing it to take the photograph. This will allow the auto focus function to focus the camera before you take the photograph.

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