An Alternative to Virtual Viewings

These video tours are created from still photographs of your property, creating a video tour of the property. The video tours can be either a standalone service or an add on to a Property Photography package.

These video tours are a service that we added due to customer requests. They are particularly popular with Landlords & Letting Agents who advertise on Spareroom. Spareroom does not allow you to link to 3D 360 Virtual Viewings. However, it does allow you to include videos in your advert.

The value of a video tour is:

  • Better qualified prospects. The animation of the video makes prospects feel like they have already viewed the property
  • Stand out from your competition
  • Give your team more marketing tools
  • Get around Spareroom not allowing links to 3D Virtual Viewings

Here is an example of a Video Tour:

Video Tour Pricing

We have 2 options:

  1. An additional service as part of a Photography Package
  2. A standalone service
Property Photographer

Additional Service

£50 - Up to a 4 bed house or 6 bed HMO

Standalone Service

£195 - Up to a 4 bed house or 6 bed HMO

Property Photographs by Paul Darvell

Video Tour - Large

Please get in touch for a price