Great Photos Make You More Money

That might not be the headline you were expecting, that is what makes us different from other property photographers.

Landlord Photography was created by a landlord as well as an experienced and qualified photographer. We understand what is important to landlords.

Properties with voids are costing you money. 2 bed flats near me are going for £1,300pcm when we last checked. That means that every day the flat is empty, it is costing the landlord £43. To put that into perspective, if you fill your property 3 days sooner, professional photographs have paid for themselves!

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Property Photographs for Landlords

Great photos will get you more clicks regardless of which property portal you advertise on. More clicks will mean more viewing requests and more competition for your property. This could even mean you will achieve higher rents.

Take a look at the two photos below, if you were a tenant, which one are you more likely to click on?

Property Photographs for Estate Agents

The photograph on the left is not too bad, I have seen a lot worse being used to advertise properties. However, let’s face it, you are more likely to click on the one on the right.

Quality Property Photographs Are Essential For Landlords

We are not saying that you have to hire us or any other photographer, if you or your letting agent can take great photographs, fantastic! However, the rental market is very competitive right now and you can’t afford to be making the mistake of using average photographs to advertise your property. You spent a fortune on the property and maybe even refurbished it. To cut corners on what is possibly the most important part of your marketing is crazy!

Property Photographs for Estate Agents

Quality photographs for your advertising can help you to reduce your voids. Book your photo shot TODAY!

3D 360 Virtual Tours

You may not have tried 3D 360 Virtual Tours and Walkthroughs but you have almost certainly heard about them.

3D 360 Virtual Tours and Walkthroughs are growing in popularity at a phenomenal rate. They allow your prospective tenants to tour your premises from anywhere at any time. Make your properties stand out from the competition. See an example below:

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