Take Great Property Photographs

Hiring a professional photographer is not always possible for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, you just have to do it yourself.

These courses are designed for you.

I offer private group courses in your office or branch.

Alternatively, my course is available to download and to study in your own time. 

Property Photographs by Paul Darvell

Is this training a part of your CPD?

ARLA and other professional bodies accept this photography training towards your annual CPD requirements. This course counts as 4 hours of CPD. At the end of the course you have the option to do a test. After successful completion of the test, you will be issued with a certificate confirming that you have passed the course. 

Instead of doing the usual boring CPD courses, why not do something a bit more fun?

Not only is this course good for your CPD, it looks great on your CV too!

Property Photographs by Paul Darvell

Downloadable Course

I have created a downloadable course that will get you taking great property photos in just 4 hours.

The course includes:

  • 3 hours of Property Photography training videos 
  • Around 60 topics covering equipment, photography skills, taking great photos, inventories and post processing
  • Teaching aids to accompany the videos
  • A document explaining common camera functionality
  • An optional test for CPD credit
  • A certificate upon successful completion
  • Test papers marked and feedback provided by a professional property photographer

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Professional Commercial Property Photographs

Property Photography Course Content

This course is broken into sections. First we deal with the camera and equipment you could use.

Unlike other trainers, I am realistic about the budget you may have for photography gear. Perhaps, you have no influence over the equipment you get to use.

In this section, I explain all the different options and the pros and cons of each.

In this section we don’t just cover cameras, we look at tripods, flashes, lighting equipment, lenses and remote controls. I also tell you how you can work with the equipment you have, even if it is not ideal.

Property Photographs for Estate Agents

The next section is Photography Skills. Many trainers like to make photography sound complicated – it is not. I will keep it simple and focused on what you need to know to take great property photos. We will start with the simple stuff and just build it up until you have the knowledge to take great property photographs like a pro

Ensuring that the photo shoot is a success is determined before you even arrive at the property. The next section covers Before the Shoot. These are the things that if you educate your property owners on, will ensure a successful shoot. All participants receive a free copy of my Property Photograph Client Guide

The next section follows on to Preparing The Property. This section is the final touches of getting the property right before taking the photos.

Property Photographs for Estate Agents

We are finally ready to start taking property photos! This section is called Taking the Money Shots. This builds on all of the technical skills you have learnt earlier in the course to make sure your photos really ‘pop’.

You can get some great property photos without post processing. However, if post processing your property photos is an option, this section will show you how to do it and the difference that it makes. However, I know that even if you are post processing, you don’t have hours to spend on each photo. I will show you how to create great results in seconds.

The next section looks at Inventory Photos and how to be take them.

Professional Commercial Property Photographs

The next section covers Post Processing. In this section I share all of my tips, secrets and workflow that I use to create client grabbing photographs.

Equipment Needed

It makes me laugh that for certain courses you need to have equipment that is completely out of reach for most property professionals. This course will teach you to make the most of the photography equipment that you have, give you the pros and cons of equipment options, as well as showing how to work around not have all the latest and greatest gear.

The minimum equipment needed for this course is a camera – any camera. 

If you have a top of the range full frame camera – great! If you have the cheapest compact – no worries! This course is open to all.

Paul Darvell Property Photographer

Customised Training To Suit You

The above course can be delivered at your office or venue of your choice. Alternatively, a course can be customised to suit your needs.

This bespoke Photography Training starts from just £975 depending on location and number of people.

CPD certificates issued to all attendees.

To discuss your needs and a no obligation quote, please contact me.

Experienced Photography Coach

There are other options for learning how to take great property photos. However, how many of them are designed by an experienced photography coach and professional jobbing property photographer?

As well as running Landlord Photography, my first photography business was Henley-on-Thames Photo Walks, a photography training company for beginners.

You are in good hands.

I focus on the skills you need to take photos of the ‘bread and butter’ properties that the majority of property professionals are dealing with on a daily basis.

The course includes all the tips and tricks I have picked up along the way as a property photographer.