Occupancy Rates - Enough Said!

There is one number that as a serviced accommodation provider it is easy to get obsessed about and lay awake at night worrying about – Occupancy Rates.

Whether you own the property or are R2R’ing the property, your success is defined by your occupancy rates. Every day a property is empty, it is costing you money and wrecking your occupancy rates.

No matter where you are advertising, Airbnb, Booking.com or any of the other portals, great photos get more clicks!

Property Photographs for Landlords

Hopefully, you know you need photos when you are advertising your property, although, we still see adverts for properties without photographs.

With all the property training companies pushing serviced accommodation as the next gold rush for investors (it was HMOs a few years ago), it is no surprise that this sector is getting more competitive.

Property Photographs for Estate Agents

Property Photographs for Airbnb & Booking.com

On most of the portals you are competing against hotels that have dressed their professional photos to perfection. Badly lit photos of bare mattresses just don’t cut it.

Take a look at the two photos below. If you were looking for a holiday property on Airbnb or Booking.com, which one are you more likely to click on?

Property Photographs for Estate Agents

The photograph on the left is not too bad, I have seen a lot worse being used to advertise properties. However, let’s face it, you are more likely to click on the one on the right.

It is time to take action and get your occupancy rates to where they should be. Take the first step and refresh your adverts on Airbnb and Booking.com with some great photos.

Book your photo shot TODAY!

We can work around change over times, so that you do not even need to lose a single nights occupancy to get your photos done.

3D 360 Virtual Tours

One of the limitations of most serviced accommodation is that the clients do not get a chance to look around the property before booking.

3D 360 Virtual Tours has changed that. Your clients can now ‘virtually’ walk-around your property before booking. This will result in more bookings and less complaints, as the clients know exactly what they will get before they book.

3D 360 Virtual Tours and Walkthroughs are growing in popularity at a phenomenal rate. They allow your prospective tenants to tour your premises from anywhere at any time. Make your properties stand out from the competition. See an example below:

Find out more about 3D 360 Virtual Tours: