Fill Properties Faster - Lower Voids

Regardless of the portal you use, you want more high quality prospective tenants so that you can fill the property quicker for higher rents, making you look like a rock-star to your landlords. Guess who they will get to manage their next property? It is our job to make you look good!

In what is a competitive market, quality photos will get the tenants clicking on your advert. You can then pick and choose which tenants you want. This has to be better than filling a property with tenants you are not sure of just to get the landlord off your back, guess who is going to be dealing with the fallout when it goes wrong – YOU!

I understand that it can feel like less hassle to quickly snap a few photos when you meet the landlord at the property to sign them up. However, you are probably just making life more difficult for yourselves.

You have two options:

  1. Get the kit and skills to take great photos
  2. Hire a pro
Property Photographs for Estate Agents

You might think it is cheaper to take the photos yourself but what is the opportunity cost? How does the landlord feel when they see your advert with poor photos? Do they think you are taking marketing their property seriously? Are you going to get as much interest from tenants? Will you fill the property as quick? Will your competitors approach your landlord and show them how much better they would market the property? We could go on all day but you get the idea.

With competition for landlords growing as new agencies spring up everyday you need to differentiate yourself as the professionals. Rubbish photos do not make you look good!

Be honest, if you were renting a home, which of the below would you click on?

Property Photographs for Estate Agents

The photo on the left actually is not that bad. However, the one on the right will get more clicks on the portals.

You might think it is more hassle and slower to use a professional photographer. If you are not working with the right photographer, you are probably correct. However, we are different. We work with our clients to ensure that we get in to the property ASAP and turn the photo editing around fast so that you can be using them quite often the same day. 

It is up to you, you can accompany us to take the photos or we can collect and return the keys to your office. We are more than happy for you to come and help us carry our gear but your time is probably better spent marketing the property…. 

Good photos do not happen by accident and they need the letting agent, landlord and photographer to work together. We can provide you with a free Client Guide to Great Property Photos for you to share with your clients to help ensure the best results.

Property Photographs for Estate Agents

3D 360 Virtual Viewings

You may not have tried 3D 360 Virtual Tours and Walkthroughs but you have almost certainly heard about them.

3D 360 Virtual Tours and Walkthroughs are growing in popularity at a phenomenal rate. They allow your prospective tenants to tour your premises from anywhere at any time. Make your properties stand out from the competition. See an example below:

Find out more about 3D 360 Virtual Tours:

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