Downloadable 3D 360 Virtual Viewing Creation Course


Downloadable 3D 360 Virtual Viewing Creation Course



Downloadable Virtual Viewings Course

This course is designed to be used with either the Xiaomi Mi Sphere 360 camera or the MADV Madventure 360 camera (they are basically the same camera). If you buy the camera from us, this course is FREE!

We have created a downloadable course that will get you up and running creating professional 3D 360 Virtual Viewings very quickly.

The Xiaomi Mi Sphere 360 camera is a great camera that is excellent value for money. The one thing that let’s it down is the lack of a comprehensive manual to help you get started. That is why we created this course.

Once you have captured the 360 photos, there is still work to be done to create a virtual viewing and to get it on the web. This course takes you from taking the camera out of the box, all the way through to uploading your first Virtual Viewing.

The course includes:

  • Introduction
  • Other Equipment
  • Opening the Camera
  • Charging the Camera
  • Install the micro SD card
  • Updating Firmware
  • Installing the Camera App on Phone
  • Camera App Settings
  • Photo Resolution
  • Removing Blackholes
  • Capturing the 360 Images
  • Where to place the Camera
  • Transfer the photos to your Phone
  • Transfer Photos to Computer
  • Create WP VR Virtual Tour
  • Putting Virtual Tour on the Web

Buy the course now to start creating great 3D 360 Virtual Viewings.

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