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Paul Darvell - Berkshire Property Photographer

Who am I and why should we be your property photographer?

Let’s be honest, there are lots of photographers out there that you could use, so why use us? Do you even need a specialise property photographer?

Hopefully, you know you need photos when you are advertising your property, although, we still see adverts for properties without photographs and the landlord wonders why the property is not letting, at least, not for a market rate. Every man and his dog is investing in property these days and especially HMOs. That means there is a lot more competition for the good tenants. You need to be marketing your property well. Badly lit photos of bare mattresses just don’t cut it anymore.

Paul Darvell Property Photographer

With all the property training companies pushing serviced accommodation as the next gold rush for investors (it was HMOs a few years ago), it is no surprise that this sector is also getting more competitive.

With the advances in technology it is tempting to do your own photographs. However, please rethink this. Hiring a professional property photographer is relatively cheap. How much did you pay for the property? how much was the refurb? what did the furniture cost you? How much money do you lose every day the property stands empty?

Property Photographs by Paul Darvell

Hire a professional photographer for less than 3 days lost rent! You do the maths, how many days lost rent will cover the cost of my professional property photography services? Usually, if my photos mean the property rents only 3 days quicker, my services have been paid for out of the lost rent you have saved. Think about it, professional photographs will get you more enquires, this will mean more viewings. If you have a number of potential tenants lined up to view a property, that creates scarcity and therefore, prospective tenants will be more decisive and take the property sooner. It also puts you in the drivers seat. Doing a viewing knowing you have a queue of people wanting to view the property feels very different to doing a viewing when it is your one and only prospect.

Property Photographs By Paul Darvell

Hang on, you seem to know a lot about property?

Landlord Photography was created by Paul Darvell, a professional photographer, photography trainer and property investor. Therefore, we understand the problems and motivations of our property clients. This sets us apart from the majority of property photographers as we ‘get it’. The moment the build is finished, the cleaners have been in, the interior designer has finished designing the rooms, you want the photographs taken and available to load onto the portals ASAP. We work with our clients to make this a seamless processes, we can even liaise directly with the room dresser if needed or even dress the rooms ourselves.

Property Photographs for Estate Agents

Some of our Letting and Estate Agent clients didn’t want to have to call us for every job, so we have created property photography training designed specifically for property professionals. So if you are a landlord, developer, letting agent, estate agent or any type of property professional and want to learn how to take great property photos, take a look at our range of courses. These course count towards your ARLA CPD.